“Crappy” Marketing: My Banned Medical Glove Ad

Last year I created (what I thought was) a clever advertisement for Duracell batteries.

The company I work for, ReStockIt.com, sells a ton of different products and one of them is Duracell batteries. What’s more, we have a co-op agreement with Duracell so as a marketer I have extra incentive to try to sell more batteries.

The wiser heads prevailed and it was decided to not use my ad creative, despite the support I received from friends and colleagues.

Well I’m not one for learning on the first go-around, and I decided to create another ad! This time the product is medical gloves.

This one didn’t win support from the C-suite either, but I’m fighting for it! :)


Also – I know I’m not a wizard at Photoshop. If I’d gotten approval, I would have shipped the concept to someone with a lot more talent!

It was still fun to make, and stay tuned for another one coming soon…

The Duracell Ad They Wouldn’t Let Me Use

I had a really clever idea for an ad for my company to promote battery sales during the holidays.

The trouble is, the ad is a little risqué (prudes!) and draws on some copyrighted images. (Oops! Damn lawyers.)

So while I won’t get to use it in an official capacity, I still felt proud of the concept.

Hit the jump to see the ad, and try not to judge my Photoshop skills too harshly. I had to hack this thing together with my VERY limited experience!

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