The Duracell Ad They Wouldn’t Let Me Use

I had a really clever idea for an ad for my company to promote battery sales during the holidays.

The trouble is, the ad is a little risqué (prudes!) and draws on some copyrighted images. (Oops! Damn lawyers.)

So while I won’t get to use it in an official capacity, I still felt proud of the concept.

Hit the jump to see the ad, and try not to judge my Photoshop skills too harshly. I had to hack this thing together with my VERY limited experience!

Keep in mind I trimmed most of the logo off the bottom, since I can’t use this as an ad and posting it here probably still counts.

Did I at least get a chuckle out of you?!

Unlike many online retailers, my company sees sales slow down during the holiday season. We don’t sell a lot of popular “gift” products, and our small-business audience doesn’t pick up the slack from our consumer side.

Enter: batteries. You know…for Wii remotes. And stuff…

With the dip in visitors to the site during the holidays, it’s important to drive as much cost-effective traffic as I can.

While I can’t use this ad, it did spawn some other ideas for product advertisements. For example, it’s the 20th anniversary of the movie Basic Instinct…. and we sell ice picks.

This year, get your lover something special.


I sometimes have random, bored marketing ideas like this one. I even wrote a haiku about McDonald’s french fries once.

3 thoughts on “The Duracell Ad They Wouldn’t Let Me Use

  1. Thanks, David! I would have loved to run it, but the copyright risk wasn’t worth the play it might have earned us. It was still fun to make!

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