Marketing Yourself: The Online Dating Challenge

I recently signed up for eHarmony in an effort to kick my dating life into gear. My career keeps me busy, and short of a serendipitous encounter at a bar or the beach, I’m probably not going to meet many eligible women in my day-to-day.

Creating a profile is easy enough…answer twenty million questions about yourself and eHarmony will begin sending you matches. Voila!

While I may work in marketing, I hate marketing myself. Or, I hate marketing the non-professional side of me.

I have my elevator speech down pat if I’m at a conference or networking event. I can wax poetic about the benefits of a tightly integrated CMS for eCommerce marketing, or how Google PLA is killing Adwords, but if asked to name what other people first notice about me, I draw blanks.

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Onward to Argentina!

Okay, so the title is a bit of an inside joke – I’m not heading to Argentina anytime soon.

However, what I *am* doing, and what I have done, is finally setting up my own site. I’m such an adult now!

All kidding aside, this is the result of some serious prodding from a wonderful friend who told me it disappointed her that I wasn’t writing.

Lindsey, any future successes or failures of this site rest squarely on your shoulders. 😉

I’m still getting everything set up with this, so it’ll take some time before the look and feel are settled. The content, however, will focus largely on marketing, stocks, and life.

More to come!