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Who is Zack Simpson?

I grew up in North Idaho – the area where potatoes aren’t grown. It was a childhood of tree forts and bike riding. I built dams in the creek with my friends, and we ate wild raspberries and stained our clothes.

After high school was the University of Idaho. I changed my major 5 1/2 times (turned a major into a minor) and finally snuck away with a degree in Public Relations.

When a summer of bumming around didn’t turn out to be a legitimate early-retirement plan, I packed my things and moved to Las Vegas.

I dove into the world of SEO, eCommerce, social media, PPC… the acronyms go on and on. For roughly four years, I learned about designing integrated online marketing campaigns for channels like email, social, affiliate, digital…

A contract position for a non-profit in Seattle took me to the Pacific Northwest for six months. It was winter. It rained. A lot.

From there, I’m now currently in sunny South Florida. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area is my kind of environment, and I love being so close to the Bahamas. I work now in B2B eComm, and it’s both challenging and engaging.

Things in life that I love include: traveling, sushi, warm weather, barbeques, March Madness, running, movies.

I can be reached in a variety of ways:

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